The Jeff Davis Artillery

Members of the JDA at the Jeff Davis Artillery marker in the Gettysburg National Military Park

The Jeff Davis artillery was originally formed in Selma, AL in June of 1861. Itís members came mostly from Dallas and surrounding counties. It joined the Army of Northern Virginia in September of 1861 and fought in most of the armyís major engagements including Seven Pines, Antietam, Fredericksburg, the Wilderness, and Gettysburg. The unitís last conflict as a unit, occurred at Spotsylvania Court House where three guns were lost and over half of the command was captured. The remaining members served with a battery in Carterís artillery regiment until the end of the war. In 1989 the Jeff Davis Artillery was re-activated by James H. Hammonds as a non-profit organization.

The group was formed to educate and entertain the public on the role of artillery in the Civil War. The group participates in battle reenactments, living history encampments, and memorial ceremonies. Other goals of the Jeff Davis Artillery are:

  1. To further understand the War for Southern Independence and the principles on which it was fought
  2. To honor our forefathers who honorably served the Confederacy and stood to protect their homelands
  3. To honor our forefathers who honorably served the Union
  4. To actively and authentically demonstrate the skills of the Artillery of the Civil War and
  5. For the fellowship benefits derived by the members of the battery in all activities.

The impression that we strive to portray is that of a artilley unit serving in the Western Theatre from late 1863 to the end of the war. We mantain both a Confederate and Federal impression. While we may have our preferences at times, we are more than willing to galvanize if required to maintain historic force ratios for the event.

The battery owns two 12lb. Field Howitzers, one 10lb. Parrott, and two limbers. The J.D.A. also has permission to use an original 6lb. Brooke Experimental, that was made in Selma in 1863. The unit has members from many areas of Alabama most are concentrated in Selma, AL or around the Birmingham, AL area.

The JDA tries to participate in as many reenactments each year as possible. Most of these take place all over the Southeast in the Western Theatre and we go to some of the major ones in the Eastern Theatre as well. All members are encouraged to participate in as many reenactments as possible, but there is no minimum number of events that a member must attend. Members enjoy recreating both battle scenes and camp life. Many evenings are spent around the campfire listening and telling stories and sometimes singing.

The battery maintains membership in statewide and regional associations of reenactors such as The Alabama Division of Reenactors (part of The Western Alliance) and Cleburne's Division of Reenactors (part of the Blue/Gray Alliance.)

The Battle of Selma

In conjunction with The Alabama Division, we are a host for the Battle of Selma. Below is the link to the the official website for the event.

The Battle of Selma website

The Jeff Davis Artillery at The Battle of Selma

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