Cannoneer's Post

January 2012

Battery Meeting

The annual Battery meeting will be held at the carriage house in Selma. The meeting will start at 9 am. If you have people you are trying to recruit bring them along. Enclosed with this you will find a copy of the possible event list for the year. Please look over it and try to have an idea of what events you would like to attend. If there are any that you know about not on this list please bring that information.

If there are events that pop up in the year please make sure I have contact information for you so I can get in touch with you. It can either be Facebook, email, or phone number.

Other Business


Dues are still $15.00 a year and primer fees are $5.00 a day. If you have not paid your dues please forward them to Cpl. Jowers or pay them at the next event. This is a small price to pay for the amount of fun that we have.

Battery box

While we have a good selection of clothes to be able to outfit new recruits, we do have some needs. One in particular is headgear. If have any old hats laying that you donít use and never will use again, please consider donating it to the box. Anything else that you have that does not fit or is worn out, but still has some life in it would also be greatly appreciated.

Website and Facebook

Donít forget to check the website and our Facebook page for updates on the goings on with the JDA and contact information. If you have a Facebook account, please join our page so we can keep you up to date and for any urgent announcements. We do have it set so not just anyone can join all request must be approved by an admin which is either Martin or Russell.

Email Address

Please make sure I have your correct email address. If you have not received anything from me by email in the last year please send it to me. My address is I would greatly appreciate it.

Artillery Quote

ďThe gun is the rallying point of the detachment, its flag, its banner. It is that to which the men look, by which they stand, with which they fall. As long as the gun is theirs they are unconquered, victorious; when the gun is lost, all is lost. It is their religion to fight until the enemy is out of range or until the gun itself is withdrawn, or until both it and the detachment are in the hands of the foe.Ē


If you have any other artillery related quotes that can be used in future editions of the Post please forward them on.