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February 2010

Unit Meeting

The annual meeting for the Jeff Davis Artillery will be held March 6 at the Carriage House in Selma, AL at 9:00 am. We will be discussing our event schedule and of course the Battle of Selma. We will still be the co-hosts this year and hope to make a better event every year. We will also have a report from the members who attended the Alabama Division Meeting that was held on February 6th in Ohatchee, AL. We need all members to attend that can possibly make it.

Facebook Page

The JDA does a Facebook page for those of you that do Facebook. We will use this as a tool to get information out as quick as possible. Cpls Vlack and Jowers are the administrators for our page and will accept requests from our members to join.

AAR Reports

Tannehill 2009

The event was held on Memorial Day weekend as usual. The event was a very wet event. The JDA fielded one 12lb Field Howitzer. Cpl Martin Jowers was the gunner for this event. We were placed off by ourselves in our usual spot on the other side of the creek. Members in attendance included David Jowers, Stephen Colburn, Jeffrey Potts, Jack Burns, Mike Brashier, and Andrew Brashier. We had a good time even in the rain.

Tunnel Hill 2009

This event was held one week later than usual to avoid a conflict with another event in Georgia. This event was yet another one that was very wet. We fielded the Parrott at this event. We were Confederate for the entire weekend in battery with Ketchum’s Alabama Battery. Cpl Martin Jowers was the gunner for this event. Members in attendance were Perry Humphries, Nelson Andrews, Beartooth Mayer, and David Jowers. We had a good time and managed to stay fairly dry for the most of the event as the rain held off during the night and during the battles until Sunday afternoon right after the battle when the bottom fell out.

Tallassee 2009

The JDA was able to field one of the Field Howitzers for this event. We were sectioned with the Alabama State Artillery. Cpl Martin Jowers was the Gunner for this event. We had a very good turnout for this event. Members in attendance were CPT James Hammonds, Beartooth Mayer, Justin Summerlin, Jack Burns, Eric Moore, Geoff Cottrill, Bruce Alford, David Jowers (who was farmed out to Fowlers Alabama Battery), Jeff Potts, Richard Jesse, and Blake Jesse.

Upcoming Events

JDA Unit Meeting

March 6 Maximum Effort

Battle of Selma Work Days

TBA Maximum Effort

The 145th Battle of Selma

April 22-25 Maximum Effort Volunteers needed for School Days

“There is NO job in the Field Artillery for the weak, the timid, or the indecisive” Unknown