Cannoneer's Post

March 2011

New Chief of Artillery

At the recent Alabama Division Meeting our own Corporal Frank Brower was elected to be the Chief of Artillery for the Alabama Division of Reenactors. He will carry the rank of Lt. Colonel in the Division. Because of this he may request assistance of some of the members in various staff functions.

Events for the Year

Siege at Bridgeport

Bridgeport, AL

March 25-27

We are not taking a gun to this event. Frank is going as part of his duties as Chief of Artillery and I am sure would welcome any assistance offered by the members. It can be fun just to go up and watch the event.

Battle of Selma Work Days

Selma, AL

April 2

April 9-10

April 16

These three dates were identified as weekends for work parties for the Battle of Selma. Any that you can attend will be great. We will have a max effort weekend on April 9 and 10 to work at the battlefield during the day on Saturday and then go out to the farm that afternoon and spend the night to finish working on the howitzer that was taken apart during the unit meeting. We plan on wrapping it up on Sunday no later than early afternoon. There will be plenty for everyone to do including rolling rounds for Selma

The 146th Battle of Selma

Selma, AL

April 28th Ė May 1st

The event was pushed ahead one week to avoid a conflict with Easter this year. School days are Thursday and Friday. We need everyone who can possibly attend to help out. We as always will try to field four guns as is our usual. So bring everyone you can out to enjoy what is always a great event for the JDA. Since we are one of the host units we need to do our best. If you know of someone that wants to experience a reenactment please bring them along. If they donít have any uniforms, we may be able to outfit at least partially out of the battery box.

Skirmish at Tannehill

McCalla, AL

May 28-29

This as always is a fun event for the JDA. We will be taking at least one gun for the event. Plan on getting to the site early on Saturday or even Friday evening, so we can practice for the Drill competition. We are the holders of the title from last year and need to defend that. The hope is everyone else will do their best to win and that will improve the entire artillery branch. If you plan on going let Cpl. Jowers know.

150th 1st Battle of Manassas

Manassas, VA

July 22-24

This is not one of our regular events. We are not going to be taking a gun; rather we will be doing an infantry impression for this one. We decided we need to focus our efforts on taking a gun to Gettysburg in a couple years. Those of you who have infantry gear and donít want to go, but would be willing to loan it for others in the unit who want to go please contact either Frank or Martin. For those of who want to go, but donít have infantry gear please let us know and we may be able to come up with something. Cpl Jowers will preregister us for 10 people going. If you want to attend there are a few forms that have to be filled out and the registration fee has to turned by June 1st. This will be a CS impression with as much early war as possible. The cleaner everything looks the better for this one.

The Battle of Tunnel Hill

Tunnel Hill, GA

September 10-11

We will be attending this one as we have for the last few years. No word on which impression we will be using for this event, but we will let everyone know as soon as possible. Frank will be the contact on this one.

The Battle of Franklin

Franklin, TN

October 14-16

This is an event being sponsored by Cleburneís Division. We are going to try and take a gun to this one. This event is touted as being a 150th cycle event in a couple of years with Cleburneís Division being involved in not just this one also several of the other ones as well. It would be good idea to go see how the event is being run to help with our decisions about other 150th events. Cpl. Jowers will be the contact for this event. Registration is online with a five dollar registration fee due when the registration is submitted. The deadline for us will be September 1st. Please get it in as soon possible so we can get registered.

Old Bakerís Farm

Harpersville, AL

October 22-23

This is another staff event for Lt. Colonel Brower as Chief of Artillery. If you want to go to help Frank, please let him know.

Battles for the Armory

Tallassee, AL


The dates for this event have not yet been announced. As soon as they are we will let everyone know. Cpl Vlack will be the contact for this event. This is always a good one to finish out the year. We normally end up be Federal all weekend, but bring both just in case.

Other Business


Dues are still $15.00 a year and primer fees are $5.00 a day. If you have not paid your dues please forward them to Cpl. Jowers or pay them at the next event. This is a small price to pay for the amount of fun that we have.

Battery box

While we have a good selection of clothes to be able to outfit new recruits, we do have some needs. One in particular is headgear. If have any old hats laying that you donít use and never will use again, please consider donating it to the box. Anything else that you have that does not fit or is worn out, but still has some life in it would also be greatly appreciated.

Website and Facebook

Donít forget to check the website and our Facebook page for updates on the goings on with the JDA and contact information. If you have a Facebook account, please join our page so we can keep you up to date and for any urgent announcements. We do have it set so not just anyone can join all request must be approved by an admin which is either Martin or Russell.

Email Address

Please make sure I have your correct email address. If you have not received anything from me by email in the last year please send it to me. My address is I would greatly appreciate it.

General Orders #6?

During gun inspection at Tallassee I was asked if I was familiar with General Orders #6. I said I was not and asked what it was. The inspector said he didnít know what it was but it was on the inspection form so he asked it anyway. After the event I was curious what was General Orders #6? As it turns out it is the Artillery Branch Regulations for the old 1st Confederate Division that we were once a part of. I will in the future have copy of this with me, so if I am ever that situation again I can respond yes. I will also post a copy of it on the website so everyone else can read it as well.

Artillery Quote

ďLeave the Artillery alone, they are an obstinate lotÖĒ Napoleon Bonaparte

If you have any other artillery related quotes that can be used in future editions of the Post please forward them on.