Cannoneer's Post

June 2012

AAR 150th Shiloh

We took one howitzer to the AOT 150th Shiloh event. Members in attendance were: Frank Brower, Martin Jowers, Nelson Andrews, and Jack Burns. We had recruits Cameron Boney and Tyler Boney with us as well. It was a muddy event with rain on Friday with at least nickel to quarter sized hail Friday night. After that storm blew through it was a beautiful weekend. We had a pretty good hot fight on Saturday and good fellowship on Saturday night. Sunday’s battle ended short for us. We only got off 3 shots before our battery was overrun and ended our day.

AAR Selma 2012

We had a great event this year! School Days went well for us with no issues. We had 10 new people serve with us this year. Thanks to all of those who have been recruiting to build our numbers! At least one of them has already paid dues to join up. Saturday’s battle was good with a victory for the Southern forces. Sunday’s battle went well for the most part even though we were defeated. We had most of our members in attendance for the weekend. It was great seeing everyone!

AAR Tannehill 2012

We had an excellent event this year! The battery had two guns in action both days and we were able to fill out the crews with all of our own people. We had one of the howitzers and the Parrott in action. Members in attendance were: Captain Hammonds commanding the CS Artillery, Acting 1st Sgt Vlack, Cpl, Moore, Cpl. M. Jowers, Cpl. Burns, Pvt. C. Harrison, Pvt. S. Harrison, Pvt. Alford, Pvt. Andrews, Pvt. Burkett, Pvt. D. Jowers, Pvt. M. Brashier, Pvt. Sellars, and Pvt. R. Jesse. We only had one misfire the entire weekend. Congratulations must go out to the #4s on Saturday for an excellent battery fire. It sounded as if it were just one gun going off. All of us had to check to make sure they all did fire!

Future Events

Grave Marker Dedication

June 9 10:00 am

Barfield, AL

We will be doing a salute at a grave marker dedication for one of Richard Jesse’s ancestors. It starts at 10:00 am and a meal will be provided for those who attend. A Confederate impression is required. For more information please contact Richard at

Battle of Tunnel Hill

September 7-9

Tunnel Hill, GA

As of right now we are planning on one gun for this event. If we get enough interest we might consider taking two there. This is a great event held on original battleground on a great field right beside the Western & Atlantic railroad tunnel that was part of the main railroad artery in the South. We have been Confederate for the past couple of years so I don’t know right now which side we will be. Please let Cpl. Jowers know if you are planning attending this one.

Work Party on the gun

Cpl. Jowers house in Clanton, AL

We need to do some work on all of the guns, but we are going to start on one of the howitzers and limber. This will be at least a two weekend affair. This first weekend will consist of taking the gun carriage and limber apart and prep for painting and hopefully do some painting on them. During the time between I will finish any painting that may be left. The next will be used to put them back together in time for the fall campaign. This should only take a day to do. If you want to camp in my backyard that will be fine or we can camp out in my basement in the air conditioning. If you want to do that bring any air mattresses you may have. We will grill out and have a good time while getting some work done. As soon as I determine a date I will let everyone know and give directions to those who have not been there before.

150th Raymond/Vicksburg

October 19-21

Raymond, MS

We need to know ASAP if anyone wants to go to this event. We will have to be Federal to go as a static gun. The event hosts have limited to number of artillery so we need to register quick if we plan to take a gun. You will all receive an email from me and based on the response we will let you know what we will do. I will need know by June 16th what your plans are.

Other Business


Dues are still $15.00 a year and primer fees are $5.00 a day. If you have not paid your dues please forward them to Cpl. Jowers or pay them at the next event. This is a small price to pay for the amount of fun that we have.

Battery box

While we have a good selection of clothes to be able to outfit new recruits, we do have some needs. We need some larger sizes and canteens. If you are upgrading any of your gear please think about donating your old stuff it would be greatly appreciated.

Website and Facebook

Don’t forget to check the website and our Facebook page for updates on the goings on with the JDA and contact information. If you have a Facebook account, please join our page so we can keep you up to date and for any urgent announcements. We do have it set so not just anyone can join all request must be approved by an admin which is either Martin or Russell.

Email Address

Please make sure I have your correct email address. If you have not received anything from me by email in the last year please send it to me. My address is I would greatly appreciate it.

Artillery Quote

“Cannon to the right of them, Cannon to the left of them, Cannon in the front of them, Volley’ed and thundered.”

The Charge of the Light Brigade

If you have any other artillery related quotes that can be used in future editions of the Post please forward them on.