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August 2012

New Detachment

The JDA has a new 4th Detachment. Jack Burns will be the Corporal of this new detachment. Congratulations Jack!

Cleburne’s Division

With the creation of the 4th Detachment, the decision has been made to expand our horizons in the reenacting community. Starting now the 2nd Detachment and the 4th Detachment will be members of Cleburne’s Division of Reenactors. We will not maintain membership in the Alabama Division for the 2nd Detachment. The 1st and 3rd Detachments will maintain their membership in the Alabama Division. We look forward to working with both organizations to make our battery and the Battle of Selma the best!

AAR Work Party

The first weekend of the work party went very well. We managed to take both the gun carriage and the limber apart and started on sanding the pieces. We will schedule another day to put it all back together. It may be a Saturday or even a Sunday afternoon. I will put as much together as I can by myself. If you missed it you missed a good time and fellowship.

Future Events

Battle of Tunnel Hill

September 7-9

Tunnel Hill, GA

As of right now we are planning on one gun for this event. If we get enough interest we might consider taking two there. This is a great event held on original battleground on a great field right beside the Western & Atlantic railroad tunnel that was part of the main railroad artery in the South. We are going to be Federal this year, so bring your blue. Please let Cpl. Jowers or Cpl. Brower know if you are planning attending this one.

150th Raymond/Vicksburg

October 19-21

Raymond, MS

We will be doing this event as horse drawn with Kent Oestenstad. If you want to do this event please let Frank or Eric know ASAP if you have not already. Kent is planning on a weekend to work the horses at his farm either late August or September. If you have never done horse-drawn before it is a lot of work, but I think it is a lot of fun!

Work Day on Howitzer

Late October

Clanton, AL

We will need one more day to put the gun and limber back together. The painting is coming along nicely, it just takes a while for the paint to cure properly so I can flip pieces over and paint the other side. The gun carriage is about done. I just have to do some touch up the cheek pieces and paint the wheels and she will be ready to go back together. I have finished painting all of the iron work for the limber. I now just have to work on the box and the body. I will let everyone know when time is a little closer as to what day.

Battles for the Armory

November 9th-11th

Tallassee, AL

This is a great event to end the season with. We always have a great time at this one. We plan on two guns for this event. If you want to go let Cpl. Jowers or Cpl. Burns know. We want to have a great showing for this event. Bring both uniforms to this one as we typically galvanize for one day. This is not a campaign heavy event, but we do want to maintain a good level of authenticity i.e. no visible coolers or vehicles in camp after Friday night. The event organizers close the battlefield to vehicle traffic after that, so bring everything that you need in on Friday so that moving cars around will not be an issue. If you can’t get there until Saturday and need gear unloaded, we can get a detail together and help you get your stuff in.

150th BGA Gettysburg

June 27-31, 2013

Gettysburg, PA

This may seem a little early, but now is the time to start planning for this event. This will be a major trip for us. We are slotted for two Confederate guns under Cleburne’s Division. There is a $20 registration fee for this event and registration is now open. I need a list of all who are planning to attend. If you want you can forward the registration fee to me or pay at the next event. I will not be able register you until I receive your fee.

Because of the distance (900 miles one way) and gas prices, we will need all who attend to chip in for fuel. We are working on how much everyone will need to pay. As soon as we can figure that out, we will let everyone know so you can start saving up for it. I am excited about this event; remember this will be an opportunity to portray our namesake battery at a battle in which they served.

150th BGA Chickamauga

September 19-22, 2013

Chickamauga, GA

This is the other big 150th event for next year. This is BGA event, so we will be under Cleburne’s Division. There will be $20 registration fee for this one as well. We are down for bringing two guns to this as well. Registration is open now, so if you already know if you want to go you can go ahead and pay so we can get it in. We will most likely be Confederate, but I would still plan on bringing blue just in case.

Other Business


Dues are still $15.00 a year and primer fees are $5.00 a day. If you have not paid your dues please forward them to Cpl. Jowers or pay them at the next event. This is a small price to pay for the amount of fun that we have.

Website and Facebook

Don’t forget to check the website and our Facebook group for updates on the goings on with the JDA and contact information for all of the NCOs. We have two Facebook groups. One is a public one for all of us and our family. The other is a private one for only our members, no one else. We will use this one for internal discussions. The public one can be used to post pictures and other things that our friends and family would be interested in. To join the private JDA Members group, please send Cpl. Jowers a message on Facebook.

Email Address

Please make sure I have your correct email address. If you have not received anything from me by email in the last year please send it to me. My address is I would greatly appreciate it.

The Native Son

Our own Richard Jesse wrote some articles for his local paper in the past. Every time a newsletter goes out, one will be included. Thanks Richard for sharing your knowledge with us!

The Native Son click here

Artillery Quote

“A battery of field artillery is worth a thousand muskets.”

William Tecumseh Sherman

If you have any other artillery related quotes that can be used in future editions of the Post please forward them on.