Suggested Sutlers

In Civil War Re-enacting, it is very important to be extremely discrimating in your choice of gear and where to purchase it. Not every sutler that you see at an event has strictly authentic gear. The best thing to do while at an event is take a seasoned veteran who knows what to look for with you. He can steer you in the right direction and make sure you don't waste your money on clothing and equipment that may look good now, but as your knowledge increases looks silly.

That being said there are some sutlers who have websites that you can look at that have good clothing and equipment available


Sand Mountain Seamstress

Lynn Walker is now the official seamstress of the Jeff Davis Artillery. All of your clothing needs should come from her.

Clearwater Hats

Purveyor of excellent hats.

Dirty Billy's Hats

Another purveyor of quality hats.


Nick Sekela

C & D Jarnagin Company

Village Tinsmithing Works

Mess equipment

Blockade Runner

Fall Creek Sutlery

Authentic Campaigner Approved

The following sutlers are approved the Authentic Campaigner Forum. This does not mean that they are the only ones that have high quality goods just that you can be sure that they do

Army Drawers

Army Drawers

TP & H Trading Company

TPH Trading Co. is your supplier for 19th century hats by Tim Bender.

Camp Randall Quartermaster

Museum quality Civil War sack coats

Carter and Jasper Mercantile

Merchants of clothing, blankets, tinware, food stuffs, pipes, tobacco, belts, sundries and other items to comfort every soldier in the field from Joe Blunt

Duvall Leatherwork

High Quality Accurate Leather Goods

EJ Thomas Mercantile

Manufacture and dealer of army accoutrements and uniforms

Ezra Barnhouse Goods

Seller of period sundries, food stuffs, tinware, leather goods and other small items useful to every soldier

L.D. Haning

Fine leatherwares and accoutrements

Wambaugh, White, and Company

Uniforms and accoutrements

Richmond Depot

Confederate uniforms and accoutrements

Ragged Soldier/Vintage Volumes

Games, toys, reproduction period books, and more

Morris and Company Historic Clothiers

Federal Clothing

Missouri Boot and Shoe

Fine period footware and accoutrements for US, CS and citizens

The Mantua Maker

Civilian Clothing for the Family

Karin Timour

1860s period knitting

Confederate Saddles and Horse Equipment